Best Soundbars for LG CX (2023 Review)

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With an impressive picture quality that trumps that of other TVs, a near-infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity that makes it perfect for dark room viewing, and a 120Hz panel that makes gaming an incredible experience, the LG CX is hands-down the best OLED-based TV on the market at this time.

But despite its array of impressive features, the LG CX, like other flat-panel TVs, isn’t anything near great in the aspect of audio quality. And that’s because it’s super flat profile leaves no room for robust, bassy speakers. So, to get a completely immersive home entertainment experience from your CX, you need to invest in a top-quality soundbar.

In this post, we’d be looking at the best soundbars for LG CX.

best soundbar for lg cx

Best Soundbars for LG CX: Our Top 6 Picks

Although the market abounds with good quality soundbars by several different brands, not every option is a good match for the LG CX. Yet, making the right choice from the huge pack can be a head-scratching experience if you’re not in the know.

So, our experts hit the market and spent several hours checking and comparing scores of soundbars in terms of their compatibility with the LG CX, design, durability, features, audio quality, brand trust, and buyer reviews. And from our initial long list, we continued cutting out the subpar options until we were left with these top contenders that you won’t go wrong with.


LG SP8YA Sound Bar w/Subwoofer, 3.1.2ch, 440W Power, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Meridian Audio, High Res Audio (24 bit / 96 kHz), Dolby Vision & HDR10, Alexa, Apple Airplay 2, 2021
674 Reviews
LG SP8YA Sound Bar w/Subwoofer, 3.1.2ch, 440W Power, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Meridian Audio, High Res Audio (24 bit / 96 kHz), Dolby Vision & HDR10, Alexa, Apple Airplay 2, 2021
  • 3.1.2ch with 440W Total Output Power
  • Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
  • Meridian Audio Technology
  • High Resolution Audio 24bit/96kHz with 4K Passthrough (HDCP 2.3)
  • 4K Passthrough (HDCP 2.3)

The LG SP8YA is a midrange soundbar from 2021 that consists of a soundbar and a subwoofer, promising some form of surround sound. Although adopting a compact form, this soundbar packs a number of features alongside an impressive performance to show that a small-sized soundbar doesn’t have to compromise on the sonic scope.


If you’re familiar with soundbars from LG, you can easily tell that the SP8YA doesn’t stray too far from the design of its predecessors. The main unit sits in a 42-inch long chassis with a low form factor and curved corners. It is pretty faceless and unobtrusive just as many users want, sporting charcoal-black housing for most of its construction while the front side of the bar has a protective metal grill that covers the drivers and LED display, extending to the sides.

On the top exterior is a brushed metal, which has upward-firing speakers underneath. You will also find touch-sensitive controls at the top of the bar, allowing you to select an input, change volume, turn the power on/off, play/pause, and pair Bluetooth devices. As for the wireless subwoofer, it is made of MDF with a finish that matches the main unit.

Connections on the SP8YA are located in the recessed area, and these include an HDMI input and an HDMI output with eARC capability. There’s also digital input and a USB port but no Ethernet port for wired connections. For wireless connectivity, you get both WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0.


The SP8YA is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTX:X, thanks to the 3.1.2 layout. It also supports the rest of the Dolby and DTS:X audio formats (with the exception of IMAX Enhanced DTS:X) along with LPCM. The HDMI ports can pass 4K, HDCP 2.3, VVR, ALLM, and high dynamic range including HDR10 and Dolby Vision but not HDR10+.

Although the SP8YA has its remote control, LG also launched a new app along with the 2021 soundbars, but you can use it on older models that previously worked with the LG WiFi Speaker app. The interface looks neat and fresh even though it sports basically the same features that allow you to control the bar like the former app.

As expected, the SP8YA features a variety of sound modes for optimized audio effects. These include the regulars like Movies, Music, Clear Voice, and Standard but there are also a few unusual modes like Bass Blast, a game mode, and one for sports. If changing the modes is too stressful for you, you can easily switch on the AI Surround Pro to automatically adjust the modes based on whatever content you’re watching or listening to.

Finally, the LG SP8YA also has Chromecast and Airplay 2 with support for Alexa and Google Assistant.


The SP8YA creates a wide soundstage, thanks to the size of the main unit. It delivers clear dialogue using its dedicated center speaker and overhead effects created by the upward-firing speakers, which attempt to make sounds rain on you. Altogether, the drivers produce 470W of power, which means it can get very loud.

Although the SP8YA tries to fill your room with sounds and create a wall of sound by delivering more focus and punch to action scenes, you may still notice an acoustical hole behind you. Consequently, you may need to invest in rear speakers if you want total immersion.

Overall, the SP8YA doesn’t disappoint even though it has fewer channels and less power compared to its flagship sibling.


  • Solid build.
  • Feature-rich.
  • Wide soundstage.
  • Support for Alexa and Google voice assistants.


  • Needs rear speakers for complete surround.
  • Lacks some height precision.

2. Sony Z9F

Sony Z9F 3.1ch Sound bar with Dolby Atmos and Wireless Subwoofer (HT-Z9F), Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker System for TV Black
753 Reviews
Sony Z9F 3.1ch Sound bar with Dolby Atmos and Wireless Subwoofer (HT-Z9F), Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker System for TV Black
  • Ultimate Home Theater Upgrade with 3.1ch Dolby Atmos DTS: X and Vertical Sound Engine
  • Seven sound modes for enhanced movies, music, gaming, news and sport
  • 4K HDR compatible
  • Voice enhancement for greater clarity
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and easy BLUETOOTH streaming
  • High-resolution Audio capable
  • Stream music, online radio, and podcasts from your Amazon connected device directly to your Z9F soundbar. Just ask Alexa.
  • Stream and control audio content with your favorite smart devices
  • In the box: Remote (RMT-AH400U), Batteries for remote, HDMI Cable, Wall Hanging Bracket (with screws x 2), Wall Mount Template
  • Wireless Subwoofer included

Sony has always been a strong force in the audio rig market, and the Sony Z9F is a reiteration of its status as a powerhouse. The Z9F is a soundbar and subwoofer combination that brings with it an array of features and superb sonic performance with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.


Measuring around a meter long, the Z9F oozes a premium appeal. It is part matte and part gloss with a removable metal grill on the front concealing a trio of drivers while the rest of its body is plastic. It sits three inches tall and four inches deep, making it a great fit for most TV stands.

The Z9F has a display between the left and center drivers, which is clearly visible even with the grill attached while the touch-sensitive controls are on the top panel. These include controls for power, source, and volume. The bar partners with a wireless subwoofer, which is a nondescript black hunk. On its back, you will find two ports for manually pairing it with your soundbar.

Connections include two HDMI inputs plus HDMI in and HDMI out (with ARC), optical digital audio, a 3.5mm jack, and an Ethernet port to hardwire your network. There’s also an IR repeater on the back just in case your TV’s sensor gets blocked by the bar. In addition to WiFi, there’s Bluetooth connectivity.


The Z9F has just about every feature a typical 3.1-channel soundbar should have. The WiFi connectivity enables support for Chromecast and Spotify connect for wireless streaming over your network. It is also compatible with the Sony Music Center app so you can yoke Alexa to it and stream music online.

Much like other soundbars, the Z9F offers different audio presets including Cinema, Music, Sports, Movies, and News. All the modes are worth trying out, but if your personal preference is preset that lets you hear dialog clearly, the voice adjustment feature can help you do just that by minimizing the background noise.

To crown it all, the Z9F has nearly all the digital processing technologies you can imagine including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and more. The sheer processing on offer can be confusing, but the most prominent feature is the Vertical Surround Engine, which is supplemented by the Vertical S up-mixer.


Thanks to the array of processing tech packed into it, the Z9F sounds really good so much so that Sony claims it is capable of 7.1.2 surround sound. It offers a great sense of immersion and three-dimensional depth to the soundstage without the usual clutter and complexity of a true surround setup. It does this by applying all the virtual channels.

Going further, the bar handles tonal balance well, and dialogue comes out clearly when watching movies while the music mode gives an audio profile that makes listening to songs enjoyable. Although the sound can get quite loud if you crank up the volume, distortion is minimal – a feat that many conventional, larger soundbars struggle to accomplish.

Overall, the Z9F is a fantastic option for a standard living room sound system.


  • Premium, durable design.
  • Lots of connectivity and audio formats.
  • Impressive virtual surround.
  • Feature-packed.


  • It can get muddled during complex scenes.
  • Operationally confusing.

3. Samsung Q700A

SAMSUNG 3.1.2ch Q700A Q Series Soundbar - Dolby Atmos/ DTS: X (HW-Q700A, 2021 Model), Black
4,851 Reviews
SAMSUNG 3.1.2ch Q700A Q Series Soundbar – Dolby Atmos/ DTS: X (HW-Q700A, 2021 Model), Black
  • DOLBY ATMOS / DTS:X – Theater-quality sound that fires from the front, side and above for true audio immersion.
  • TRUE 3.1.2CH SOUND – The complete audio entertainment experience with 3 channels, 1 subwoofer and 2 up-firing channels.
  • Q-SYMPHONY – Perfectly synchronized, fully immersive QLED TV and soundbar audio.
  • SPACEFIT SOUND – Automatically calibrated sound and enhanced clarity to adapt to your space.
  • WORKS WITH – Enjoy your Soundbar hands-free using voice control through your Alexa-enabled device.

The Samsung Q700A is one of the 2021 offerings from the South Korean manufacturer, and it improves on its predecessors to deliver immersive soundscapes, thanks to support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks. It’s a midrange soundbar that consists of the main unit and a hunk of a subwoofer.


The Q700A draws its inspiration from the Samsung N650, showing some constraints in its design. It is a bit wide (about 98cm), making it a good fit for a wide range of TV sizes without sticking out or looking odd. As for the height, the bar is not too tall to interfere with any portion of your TV screen.

A perforated metal grille covers most of the front and top sides of the bar while the rest is made of durable plastic with a black finish. Samsung placed the display on the far right of the front side under the metal grille while the controls for the bar are located on the top side. The subwoofer is about the same size as a regular PC, and it’s wireless, allowing you to place it anywhere in your room.

In terms of connections, two insets underneath the Q700A house the inputs. One inset sports two HDMI ports while the other has a micro USB port (for software updates only), digital optical input, and a round power connector. For wireless playback, this model offers Bluetooth, WiFi, and AirPlay2.


Starting off with controls, the WiFi capability built into the Q700A makes it possible for Alexa to control the soundbar without the need for a remote. What this means is that you will have to use an external Alexa device as this unit has no built-in assistant. In addition, the package ships with the One Remote, which can be used to control other Samsung devices.

There’s also the SmartThings app, which is Samsung’s proprietary app that serves as an alternative way to control the bar. Keep in mind that it can only perform basic functions like input selection, volume control, and selection of modes. Other advanced settings can only be done via the remote.

With regards to sound enhancement features, there’s nothing new to see as you get the usual presets like Standard, Surround Sound, and Game Pro modes. The Adaptive Sound comes in handy when you want the bar to automatically detect the content streaming to it and optimize the sound output accordingly.

The Q700A is compatible with Dolby 5.1ch, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, Dolby Atmos, DTS 5.1ch, DTS HD, DS HD Master Audio, DTS:X, and LPCM. There’s also the Acoustic Beam tech to enhance surround sound.


Thanks to extensive audio support, this bar performs brilliantly for a variety of audio content, but its bass reproduction is below average and can be frustrating as it fails to replicate a deep thump. While you can adjust the sound settings, it still doesn’t come close to the perfect sound.

In terms of loudness, this bar boasts enough power to fill large rooms, and you can even use it for parties. However, you may experience some distortion at the low and high-frequency ranges if it gets to maximum volume.

As for the surround mode, the Q700A doesn’t live up to its hype as surround objects in the Soundstage (like voices and steps) are not accurately localized.


  • Packs a lot of features.
  • Good front Soundstage.
  • Supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.
  • Gets loud.


  • The bass is unimpressive.
  • No Google Assistant.

4. LG SN6Y

LG SN6Y Sound Bar w/Subwoofer, 3.1ch, 420W Power, High ResolutionAudio, DTS Virtual:X, AI Sound Pro, Bluetooth, Black
955 Reviews
LG SN6Y Sound Bar w/Subwoofer, 3.1ch, 420W Power, High ResolutionAudio, DTS Virtual:X, AI Sound Pro, Bluetooth, Black
  • 3.1 Channel 420W – With a dedicated center channel for crystal-clear dialogue, this 3.1 channel sound bar packs a punch, delivering dimensional, virtual surround sound.
  • High Resolution Audio (24bit / 96kHz): Sounds closer to the real thing. Higher sampling rates and bit depth provide sound quality that surpasses CDs.
  • DTS Virtual: X – Hear every detail. Transform any movie, TV show or playlist into an immersive, multidimensional audio experience..
  • Wireless Surround Sound Ready – Wirelessly pair the 2.0ch Rear Speaker Kit expansion to deliver audio from behind for greater depth and immersive surround sound. (Rear Speaker Kit available separately)
  • Bluetooth Streaming – Wirelessly stream with Bluetooth 4.2 to provide range and reliability to wirelessly connect your LG sound bar to your tablet, phone or other device.

Throw affordability and great quality into a great cauldron to get an entry-level bar and the SN6Y is what you’d have. Its spec sheet hints that this is not a well-rounded model, but if you’re out to just elevate your TV listening experience, this soundbar is worth considering.


The SN6Y comprises a soundbar and subwoofer, both of which rock a minimalist design. A black metal grille runs around the front of the main unit to its sides while the rest of the bar is made from sturdy plastic. The touch controls sit on the right side of the bar while the LED display is located at the front.

Connectivity-wise, the inputs include an HDMI ARC in and out, an optical audio port, and a USB port for service only. If you want to connect wirelessly, you can do that with either Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity.


There are very few features here, and this is probably because of the pricing. Even the basic modes you’d find on other models are missing here, which is disappointing. As an alternative to the default mode, the SN6Y has Adaptive Sound Control, which detects what’s playing on the screen and adjusts the sound profile accordingly.

In addition, the SN6Y has support for DTS Virtual:X, which is a psychoacoustic processing technology that creates multi-dimensional sound. In effect, this tech makes it possible for you to hear sound all around you, creating an immersive sound field.


At 420W of power, the SN6Y can get really loud enough to be used for parties and to fill a decently large room. With this, you can feel all the rumbling and thumping sounds in your room.

In terms of sound quality, the SN6Y delivers clear sounds so you can clearly hear everything that’s being said and also the subtle notes of your favorite music. Unfortunately, the bar has very low surround activity, but you can fix that by adding a rear speaker kit to the setup.


  • Compact size.
  • Excellent center channel performance.
  • Good stereo dynamics.
  • Minimalist design.


  • The companion app lacks some functionalities on iOS.
  • The surround sound is almost unnoticeable.

5. Bose Smart Soundbar 300

Bose Smart Soundbar 300 Bluetooth Connectivity with Alexa Voice Control Built-In, Black
2,401 Reviews
Bose Smart Soundbar 300 Bluetooth Connectivity with Alexa Voice Control Built-In, Black
  • Like no other: This elegant sound bar for TV, movies, music, and games delivers spacious sound, exceptional clarity, and rich bass, while finished in matte-Black with seamless metal grille.
  • Acoustic performance: 5 full-range drivers deliver wide, clear sound, which makes it the perfect soundbar for TV, movies, games, and more.
  • Built-in Alexa: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are built into this smart soundbar for hands-free voice control. And a noise-rejecting mic system listens in every direction for your voice.
  • TV voice control: Exclusive Bose Voice for Video technology expands your Alexa capabilities, allowing you to control this smart soundbar, your TV, and your cable,satellite box with 1 voice command.
  • Connectivity: Pair your device to this wireless soundbar to stream your favorite music and more via a Bluetooth connection, your home Wi-Fi network, Apple AirPlay 2, or Spotify Connect.
  • Simple setup: Connect this smart soundbar to your TV via an optical audio cable (included) or an HDMI cable (sold separately) and download the Bose Music app for step-by-step setup.
  • Sleek design: This wireless soundbar is just over 2″ tall for low placement in front of your TV or wall mounting (wall brackets sold separately). Overall dimensions are 2.21″ H x 26.58″ W x 4.02″ D.
  • Build and expand: This Bluetooth soundbar is compatible with other Bose products for Multiroom listening or add the Bose Bass Module 500 or 700 or the Bose Surround Speakers 700.

The Bose Smart Soundbar 300 is a standalone bar targeted at a section of the consumer market looking for a compact soundbar that produces a ‘larger than life’ sound output. It offers a major improvement over TV speakers and can make your favorite content sound better.


Bose’s soundbars design principle has always been that they should be heard and not seen, so the Smart Soundbar 300 is as close to what invisible should be. Its body is constructed of good quality plastic and a metal grille that covers the front of the bar. The build feels sturdy, indicating that longevity was taken into consideration, but it is still lightweight enough to move around easily.

The bar measures around 2.25 inches tall and 27.5 inches wide, making it ideal for 32-inch TVs and larger. Behind the metal grille is five strategically placed speakers while the top left side of the bar has a small multicolor LED light strip to indicate the status of the unit. That’s about all to the construction of the bar as there are no touch controls, so you will have to rely on the remote control.

On the back of the bar, there’s a big inset in the middle hiding all the connection ports. You will find one HDMI (ARC), one optical input, a micro USB port, and an IR controller. There’s also a bass port for wiring a subwoofer, but it’s proprietary, so you won’t be able to use it for a sub made by another company. Wireless connectivity options include Bluetooth and WiFi.


For an all-in-one soundbar, the Smart Soundbar 300 has a handful of features that provide plenty of value. One of them is its SoundTouch WiFi music system, which allows you to connect directly to different audio services like Tune In, Deezer, iHeart, Spotify, Pandora, etc. While it doesn’t have Chromecast support, you won’t have any trouble getting audio to the speaker with AirPlay2 and Spotify Connect.

Additionally, the bar supports virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, which means all smart functionalities you would find on Echo devices can be handled the same way here. There’s also the Bose SimpleSync support that allows you to pair the Smart Soundbar 300 with other Bose products.

As for sound modes, Bose doesn’t include different presets in the Smart Soundbar 300 as other manufacturers do. Rather, what you will find is a real-time audio tuning system, which is a technology that analyzes what is being played and fine-tunes the sound to optimize your listening experience. The only available mode is the dialog mode.


When it comes to audio quality, the Smart Soundbar 300 understands the assignment and delivers excellently for a bar without a subwoofer. Despite its size, the bar fills the room easily with sound for a truly immersive experience.

Compared with other standalone bars, this bar is a top performer, but its bass reproduction may leave audiophiles wanting more. A bass module and an addition of two rear speakers will give a cinematic soundstage that will see the sound evolve and become more enveloping. Overall, the Smart Soundbar 300 is a great buy if you’re looking for an exceptional bar to give a home theater experience.


  • Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Integrated audio services.
  • Beautiful, minimalist design.
  • Reasonably wide sound field.


  • Slightly expensive for a standalone bar.
  • No Dolby Atmos, DTS support.

6. Polk Audio Signa S2

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar | Works with 4K & HD TVs | Wireless Subwoofer | Includes HDMI & Optical Cables | Bluetooth Enabled, Black
22,048 Reviews
Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar | Works with 4K & HD TVs | Wireless Subwoofer | Includes HDMI & Optical Cables | Bluetooth Enabled, Black
  • A PREMIUM ULTRA-SLIM SOUND BAR WITH INCLUDED WIRELESS SUBWOOFER – 5 powerful full-range drivers deliver BEAUTFUL RICH SOUND WITH DEEP BASS. POLK’S EXCLUSIVE VOICE ADJUST TECHNOLOGY & Dolby Digital Decoding maximizes sound clarity & reduces voice delays.Mounting Type: Tv Sound Bar,Bar Mount
  • EXCELLENT SOUND AND VALUE on par with any mid- to high-range sound bars available in the market. At just over 2″ tall, it fits most spaces — easily wall-mount it or place in front of your TV. It won’t block your TV’s bottom edge or IR remote sensor
  • UPGRADE YOUR HOME THEATER EXPERIENCE – Watch your favorite shows on your 4K HD Smart TV with exceptional picture quality & crystal clear sound. With numerous connection possibilities, plug in any audio source via HDMI ARC, optical input & AUX
  • WIRELESSLY STREAM MUSIC from your favorite streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and others directly from your smartphone, tablet or other compatible device through the built-in Bluetooth technology
  • SET UP YOUR SOUND BAR IN MINUTES — With the included subwoofer, HDMI and optical cables quickly connect your TV to the sound bar. Get set up and listening in minutes

Although a relatively new player in the audio gear market, Polk Audio’s products have enjoyed widespread acceptance due to the high quality associated with them. The Polk Audio Signa S2 is a 2.1-channel, entry-level soundbar that offers functionality and good audio quality at a reasonable price.


For first impressions, the Signa S2 is a stylish piece of technology. It is about 2.2 inches tall, and 35.4 inches wide and is compact enough to hide away from sight beneath most TVs without blocking the TV’s IR port. Keeping in line with tradition, this soundbar adopts a low profile as it doesn’t call attention to itself. It comes with a keyhole hanger so you can wall-mount it.

The Signa S2 is a soundbar and subwoofer combo. The main unit is constructed out of plastic while a mesh-like fabric wraps around the front side, which has an LED display. Polk Audio’s logo is embossed at the extreme end of the bar as well as the subwoofer. The subwoofer is smaller than what you’d likely expect and has a simple design. It has automatic wireless connectivity to the bar when turned on.

The back of the bar houses the connections. These include ports for optical, HDMI ARC, and a jack for axillary output. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music to it from your mobile device.


The Signa S2 comes with a power-saving feature that enables standby mode to kick in after a few minutes of inactivity, but you will have to turn on this feature. The package ships with a remote control that sits well in the hands but it’s not universal, so you won’t be able to control other devices with it. Alternatively, you can use the Polk Connect App to both control and set up the bar.

Going further, the Signa S2 has a few modes that allow you to optimize your listening experience based on the content you’re watching. The modes are Music, Movie, and Night. For the best audio experience, the bar sports the Polk Adjust Technology, which detects the content that’s being played and automatically adjusts the sound output to guarantee the best quality.


The Signa S2 puts up a solid performance for an entry-level bar. Its biggest attraction is that it makes TV voices sound clearer and easier to understand, and it delivers impressively well on that promise. It delivers an incredible, room-filling home theatre experience such that you can feel the deep bass impact immerse your room.

Speaking of bass output, the Signa 2 has one of the best frequency ranges of bass you can find in its price category. The sound quality is a fine example of great value for money as it’s surprising how Polk Audio is able to squeeze rich and deep bass tones out of this bar despite its size. Additionally, the bar is loud enough to create thumping sounds with very little distortion. In all, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to elevate sounds in your room, this bar is sure to please.


  • Good front soundstage.
  • Solid bass performance.
  • Very easy to setup.
  • Great price.


  • No surround depth.
  • Audio adjustments are limited.
  • Average remote.
  • Limited feature.

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