Acer KB272 Hbi 27” Monitor Review: Should You Buy It?

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When looking for a new monitor, it can be tricky to find the perfect choice. This is because there are so many things to consider: Price, size specifications, features, pros and cons – wading through the data can feel like a headache waiting to happen.

When looking for a solid desktop Gaming and Office Multi-purpose monitor, the Acer KB272 Hbi 27” has a lot to recommend it – including an affordable price, adjustable tilt angle, and widescreen viewing. And that’s just the beginning.

Keep reading, and we’ll go over all the specs on this high-quality desktop monitor.

Specs For the Acer KB272 Hbi 27” Monitor – And What They Mean in Layman’s Terms:

What are the exact technical specifications of the monitor – and what do they mean to those who aren’t technically savvy? Let’s start with the specifications themselves:

Size27” (14.1h x 24.1w)
Aspect Ratio16:9
Response Time1 ms VRB
Horizonal Viewing Angle178 degrees
Vertical Viewing Angle178 degrees
Panel TechnologyIn-Panel Switching (IPS Technology)
Brightness250 nits
Refresh Rate100 Hz
Anti-TearingAMD FreeSync Technology
Monitor MountVesa Compatible
Weight10.4 lbs
CompatibleVGA and HDMI compatible
Energy Consumption (Operating)20 W
Energy Consumption (Stand-By or Power-Off Mode)500 MW

For those with a lot of technical know-how, decoding what all of these means is pretty simple. For those who are a little less tech-savvy, deciphering exactly what you’re getting might be a little tricky. So…what are these things in simple, basic terms?

What Do Specifications Mean?

Things like weight and price are pretty self-explanatory, so this focuses on something that might NOT be so clear.


The size actually references the diagonal distance across the screen. It’s often considered common knowledge, but this can be important for those with space requirements or limitations.

What it means, realistically, is that this monitor needs a space that’s at least 25-26 inches wide and 15-16 inches high (more like 20-25 if a stand is being used) in order actually to fit, wherever it’s set up.


This explains how many pixels are in the image. However, for those who are not exactly sure what certain levels of pixels mean, the numbers for this Monitor (1920×1080) are the most common designation for Fully High-Definition (HD) imagery.

Note: For those who are interested, Ultra HD has twice the number of pixels.

Aspect Ratio:

Width versus height of the image, basically. For those who are interested, this is the common widescreen or ‘movie screen’ aspect ratio.

Response Time:

VRB = Visual Response Boost

Basically, it’s how fast the screen responds to changes and movement on the screen. 1 ms (roughly 1 milli-second) is pretty much the industry standard for computers and monitors in today’s market.

For an idea of how fast that is: It’s literally a hundred times faster than the blink of an eye.

Viewing Angles:

The exact angle isn’t critical and can be adjusted. However, it is important to note that the angle has been developed to minimize glare and provide wide-angle viewing as well as a more ergonomic viewing experience.

These viewing angles, even slightly adjusted for individual circumstances, are designed to decrease the strain on the neck and should muscles.


Nits are a standard of luminescence (brightness).

250 nits is about the industry standard for a monitor or laptop. If the average screen brightness works for you, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

For those who need a sharper or brighter screen – aim for 300-500 nits.

Energy Consumption:

This gives some idea of how it’s going to affect the electricity bill. This monitor has a low impact in that area. 20 W is less energy consumption than the average household lightbulb.

500 MW is fairly negligible. Most households are billed by the kilowatt, so this doesn’t even register.

Uses For An Acer KB272 Hbi 27” Monitor:

This monitor can be useful in any number of situations. However, it’s mostly advertised as perfect for avid computer gamers since the ergonomic viewing, response time, and widescreen aspect give the gaming community a lot of perks for comfort while playing, especially during long sessions.

The IPS panel ensures that colors remain accurate regardless of the viewing angle, providing consistent picture quality no matter where you sit. The monitor also has a matte anti-glare finish that reduces reflections and minimizes eye strain during extended use.

One unique feature of this monitor is its BlueLightShield technology which minimizes blue light emissions to reduce eye fatigue when using the device for long periods. This feature makes it particularly useful for those who spend hours staring at their screens throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a reliable monitor with great display quality, then the Acer KB272 Hbi 27” should definitely be on your list of options to consider.

This can also be useful in working situations for those who:

  • They need to be able to share information on their screens with people nearby easily.
  • Individuals need a wide screen to work in several windows at once.
  • Those who work heavily with graphic design or computer animation.
  • People who work long hours on a computer are interested in minimizing the strain on their bodies.

Cost Compared to Other, Similar Products:

At $189.99, this is kind of on the high, price-wise, but not the most expensive item of its type out there.

Acer sells another product with similar specifications for about  $20 cheaper.

Depending on the brand, Amazon sells similar products for anywhere from $125 to $265.

Pros and Cons of The Acer KB272 Hbi 27”:

What are the pros and cons of using this monitor:


  • Ergonomic – Less strain on eyes, back, shoulders, and neck.
  • Good resolution and response time – No blurring or pauses, or poorly focused imagery.
  • LED technology is low impact, for both the electric bill and visually.
  • Compatible with 2 additional input modes (HDMI and VGA) – You can attach additional monitors, laptops, and video equipment.
  • Adjustable viewing angles – set it to exactly the height and angle that’s perfect for you.
  • Extremely versatile – IT can support work-from-home, gaming, movie watching…


  • Slightly on the more expensive side – There are a number of monitors that are slightly cheaper, including slightly smaller monitors.
  • Not the best choice for smaller space requirements – For space considerations, a 23” monitor of the same quality is available.
  • Fine detail image editing may not work the best – some high-resolution detail editing requires something more like the Ultra HD pixel densities.

What Are Some Other, Comparable Products?

Wanting to shop around to see if there’s something that might suit you a little better? If this monitor ticks a lot of the ‘must have boxes, check these different items:

Where To Find An Acer KB272 Hbi 27” Monitor – At The Best Price:

Acer KB272 Hbi 27' Full HD (1920 x 1080) Zero-Frame Gaming Office Monitor | AMD FreeSync Technology | 100Hz | 1ms (VRB) | Low Blue Light | Tilt | HDMI & VGA Ports
1,639 Reviews
Acer KB272 Hbi 27″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) Zero-Frame Gaming Office Monitor | AMD FreeSync Technology | 100Hz | 1ms (VRB) | Low Blue Light | Tilt | HDMI & VGA Ports
  • 27″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) Monitor For Home, Gaming or Office
  • AMD FreeSync Technology
  • Response Time: 1ms VRB | Refresh Rate: 100Hz (Using HDMI Port) | Brightness: 250 nits | Pixel Pitch: 0.311mm
  • Ergonomic Tilt: -5° to 15° | VESA Mounting Compliant (100 x 100mm)
  • Ports: 1 x HDMI 1.4 Port & 1 x VGA Port (HDMI Cable Included)

It should be possible to find it at a decent price on Amazon, though Amazon does add a percentage for their own shipping and handling. 

The best thing to do is check on the Acer website and shop around to see what’s available at the time, given the constantly changing market.

Final Thoughts:

This is a pretty good monitor for a versatile number of activities. If you’re looking for an all-around workhorse of a monitor that will meet both working needs and gaming desires, the Acer is a pretty good choice at a relatively affordable price.

It also has excellent reviews, given 4.6 stars out of 5 in most contexts.

About the only place where it gets negative reviews are the areas of digital editing or image production, where sometimes a higher density pixel count can be necessary to get the sharpest possible adjustment.

All in all, it’ll serve to perform about 90 percent of video, working, and gaming tasks, and it offers great quality for fairly good pricing.


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